Hi there, my purpose in designing this website was to help and inspire others to reach their best possible level of health and fitness, by equipping them to create and follow a diet and exercise plan that will enable them function and feel the best they can. 


Achieving this be challenging because many of the nutritional habits and traditions that today's culture lives by are destructive to the body.  It is also a common misconception that gyms, trainers, and/or supplements are required for proper nutrition and an improved physique.  Though they certainly can help, they are not needed.  It is possible to have a great diet and exercise routine without excessive time, any exercise equipment, supplements, or even a gym membership.


What is needed is the right plan and some foundational knowledge.  That's where I think I can help.  The content on this website, my habits, and my diet/fitness regimen come from having played four years of Division 1 basketball and a great deal of time planning and researching how to make my body as healthy as possible.  Regardless of where you are at or what you are capable of, I am confident that I can help in some way.  Take a look, and feel free to email me with to schedule a consultation.  At the bottom of the page you can subscribe to my blog, which elaborates on the information on this site in greater detail.

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I'm Brandon.  Thank you for checking out my website.  The idea to create this site started with family members and friends asking for ideas on workouts, diet, and my habits and approach.  I decided this would be a more efficient way to help and also provide a resource for others that are also looking for ideas or guidance in these areas.

All of the diet and fitness strategies I employ come from years researching, planning, and crafting a diet and workout routine that's as efficient, sustainable, cost effective, and healthy (short and long term) as possible.  I was also able to learn much through my experience in athletics, which is outlined below.

I played basketball at Western Michigan University on scholarship for 4 years and was a captain my senior year.  With college basketball being the cash cow it is, getting athletes in peak physical condition and keeping them there year round is paramount.  It was in this environment that I had the opportunity to learn the foundation of the many strength training and nutritional habits I practice today.

Before my tenure at WMU, I played high school basketball at Clarkston High School under Dan Fife and Eric Chambers.  Clarkston High is a collegiate athlete factory not only in basketball, but football as well.  My time there was extremely helpful in learning the attitude required to persevere through adversity and discomfort, which are principles required to maintaining great health.

Living a healthy and fit lifestyle is especially important to me because my perspective comes from my faith.  Diet and exercise is a way I can love my wife, serve others, and most importantly, steward well that which God has entrusted to me. 

It's a way I love my wife by making sure I am able to work to provide for, protect, and take care of her for as long as possible.  In addition, I want to do everything I can to delay the inevitability of having to be taken care of when I'm older.  Staying fit is one of the ways I can continue to pursue her the way I did when we were dating.


My most important motivation is my belief that my body is not my own, but God's, (1 Corinthians 6:19), that I am expected to steward and use it the way He intended, and that doing so will bring more joy than following my natural cravings  I live this out by practicing good habits and avoiding destructive ones.  Regardless of personal beliefs, maintaining our bodies is extremely important in the example we set for our family and peers, and is a great way to practice self-discipline in ways that can be applied to other areas of our lives.

If you decide take some time to go through my site, please don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to share your thoughts, input, concerns, struggles, or just to connect and share ideas.  I can be reached at brandonpokleyfitness@gmail.com.


              Brandon Pokley